How To Videos

Stuck or need clarification on how to use certain features of your Note Taking Express account? This page contains a few quick videos to help you get comfortable with using your account. (scroll down to browse videos)


moving files

Accessing Your Account

Steps to accessing your account:


1. Head to the Note Taking Express File Sharing website here or click "login" at the top of this page.

2. Login using the username and password found within your welcome email.

3. Agree to terms of use.

4. While in your account you can change your password. You can do this by hovering over the person icon in the top right of the page with your cursor and clicking "profile." You will then see the option of changing your password.

Contacting Us

Steps to contacting us through your NTE account:


1. While logged into your account, contacting us for assistance is quick and easy. In the navigation bar on the top right of your account, hover over the Question mark ("?") icon. Click "Contact Support."

2. You are brought to a page with 4 fields. One for your Name, Email, Phone, and Comments.

3. Your Name and Email should pre-populate  or already be filled in (if not please enter that information). In the "Comments" heading give us information about any issues or questions you need help with. Click "Send"

4. You should see confirmation that your request has been sent. We will get back to you shortly after that.

Creating Folders

Creating folders in your account is as easy as creating folders on your computer. Here's the steps:


1. Navigate to the folder where you want your new folder to appear.

2. On the horizontal toolbar, click "Add Folder." A window will appear prompting you to name the new folder.

3. After naming the new folder, click "Create." The new folder will then be in the folder you specified at the beginning.

Uploading Lectures

Steps to uploading your audio files:


1. Navigate to the correct folder for the audio (ex: a recorded psychology lecture would be uploaded to the folder containing your psychology notes.

2. Click the "Upload File"on the top horizontal menu bar or the black "Click Here to Upload Files" button.

3. The "Upload Files" window will open. Here, you can either drag a file into the "Upload Files" window or you can click the "Add Files to Queue" button and then navigate to and select the proper file for upload.

4.Click the black "Start Upload" button (upload speeds will vary according to your Internet connection). Once upload is complete, the file will appear in the chosen folder, and we are notified. The notes are then processed right away.


Viewing and Downloading Your Notes

You can conveniently view your notes within your NTE account online, or choose to download the documents onto your computer. To do this:


1. Click on the file you wish to view or download.

2. The file will open after clicking on it, automatically showing you the view screen of the document.

3. While in the view screen, you can download the file by clicking the down arrow "download" button in the top right blue tool bar.

Moving Files

To move a file or a folder to another folder:


1. Select the file or folder that you want to move to another location. Do this by clicking the box to the left of the file or folder. A check-mark will indicate that it is selected.

2. Once a file or folder is selected, the horizontal gray tool bar will turn blue, and the "move or copy" button will be available. Click this button.

3. The Move or Copy Files Here" window will open. Press the "+" button located to the left of your "Home" folder. All the folders in your "home" folder will drop down. Select the folder you want your file or folder to be moved to.

4.You can either copy the file or folder you selected to its new location. This means the file you selected to move will still remain in its original location and a copy will be made to the new location you selected. Or you can directly move the file without copying it by clicking the "move" button.