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Streamline your notes system

Most accessibility services departments at every college or university have a system in place to provide notes to students who need them. Sometimes, however, the way notes are administered can be disorganized and even archaic. That's why we chose to offer our file management platform as a standalone product. So universities and colleges that still hire or have volunteer note takers can give their students the benefits that our file platform provides. Scroll down to find out what those benefits are.


At only $4 per user per month, NTE File Management is an affordable solution to maximize efficiency in your department.



  • unlimited uploading and downloading
  • unlimited access to the NTE smartphone app for iOS and Android
  • unlimited storage
  • unlimited file sizes
  • email and phone support
  • full text OCR search
  • complete access to all your students' notes and lectures

Say goodbye to mismanaged spreadsheets and inefficient systems.

Why is using our file management platform just easier? Because it's user friendly and simple. The note takers that you already have in place can record notes on their computer in a word document and upload it to the proper account of the student that needs them within minutes. What if your note takers use paper and pen to write their notes? They can quickly take a photo of their notes using their smartphone and upload the file to the account it needs to be in.

notes are written

notes are uploaded to student's account

student downloads note document on their device

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