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We deliver your notes efficiently and keep them organized just how you like them, regardless of what your note taking needs are.

What is Note Taking Express?

Note Taking Express is a full featured note service for all applications. Whether it’s notes for your business meetings, lectures, or personal work, NTE has a solution for you. NTE is a DSA-QAG approved HEI provider of note taking services (Band 2). To see registration details visit DSA QAG.

You'll also have access to your notes across all your devices on our platform. Scroll down to learn more.

Notes...with a lot of Features.

Joining the growing NTE community means more than just high quality notes. It means access to a platform with many great features.

Easy in-app experience

Our goal is to make our platform as user friendly as possible. This means little to no learning curve for our users. Just record your audio, then upload.

Platform made for organization

We know the challenge with keeping all your notes organized and in the right spot. We make it easy to stay on top of that with an easy to use organizational system. Filter your folders and documents for ease of access.

Immediate notification

As soon as your notes are completed you'll recieve notification via email.

Affordable turnaround options

We have a note service we're certain will fit inside your budget. Choose from 24, 48, and 72 hr turnaround times. That means after you upload your audio, you will receive your written notes within whatever turnaround time you choose.

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How does Note Taking Express work?

It’s as simple as signing up, recording the audio you wish to convert to notes, and downloading your note documents. Signing up starts with knowing your needs because our service is implemented according to your specific circumstances. Head to the Getting Started page for more details. After signing up and receiving your account credentials, you can immediately start using your account on our intuitive smartphone app or web app. How it Works has all the details on getting acquainted with our platforms.

Editable Notes

Need to add something or make a quick change to a set of notes? You can do so within our web app without having to first download the document.

Real Life Note Taking

We know the frustrations of electronic dictation. That's why all of our notes are processed by real humans.

Note Taker Feedback

Because we use the power of real human brains, that gives you the opportunity to adjust the way your notes are completed. Just give your personal note taker feedback to let them know what you need.


Of course, we want you to get the most from your NTE experience, so we are dedicated in being available to help you do so via phone, email, live chat, and webinars.

"Note Taking Express has saved us on more than a few occasions...I highly recommend NTE for the valuable service they provide."

Rory, Coordinator of Disability Support Services Harvard University

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